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Need a Mentor for Your UPSC Preparation

Preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is a formidable task that requires dedication, discipline, and extensive knowledge. Success in this competitive exam often depends on not only individual efforts. A well-organized and supportive study community guided by an experienced mentor can significantly enhance your UPSC preparation journey. This is what exactlyLITTLE OFFICERS does. It is the best mentorship and guidance study community based in Santnagar, Buari Delhi. It is the brainchild of GOGULA RAJASEKHAR sir who has appeared in 6 mains and 4 interviews in UPSC.

Other Services

For UPSC-IAS Coaching in Delhi

Anthropology Foundation Course (offline + online)

Study Community (PG+ Mentorship + Group Study)

M360- Mentorship for UPSC (Prelims- GS+CSAT, GS Mains, Optional)

CSAT Foundation Course (Classes + Test Series)

NCERT Foundation Course (Classes + Test Series)

Test Series (Prelims + Mains + Anthropology Optional)

Director’s Message:

Your pursuit of the UPSC exam is a testament to your commitment to public service and nation-building. This journey is not merely about acquiring knowledge but also about understanding the complexities of governance, society, and the human condition. Embrace every subject with enthusiasm, cultivate critical thinking, and stay updated with current affairs. Remember, success in UPSC demands perseverance, adaptability, and resilience. As you navigate this challenging path, never lose sight of your purpose and the positive impact you can make on society. Stay focused, work diligently, and believe in your potential to create a better future for our nation.

Wishing you success,

G. Rajasekhar Sir

Founder & Director

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